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My real estate career began at the young age of 5.  I remember going with
my grandfather to collect rents on properties he owned. Being a people
person from the mid-west, he was more interested in visiting than collecting
rent money.  Everyone liked him, and I respected the self-made business man
he was.  I began to get a feel for how real estate worked.  My parents and
other family members owned rental properties which provided me with a
constant view of what worked and what didn't work.  I grew to understand
how interest was calculated and what it took to buy a house well before I
was out of elementary school.  My interest in business and owning
property/stocks and other assets continued to grow.  When it came time for
college I studied to receive a degree in Finance with a minor in Economics.  
After graduating from college I went to work on the Pacific Exchange
Options Trading Floor where I moved my way up to a market making
trading position for the Cutler Group.  I then branched out to trade for myself
and started my own firm.  Options trading furthered my financial knowledge
and investment creativity allowing me to incorporate sophisticated techniques
into pricing and investing in real estate.  Taking after my self taught
grandfather, I set out to learn different aspects of home building/remodeling
to explore the processes behind the building of manufactured and modular
homes.  In addition to the Real Estate Brokers Licenses I hold in California
and Hawaii, I have added a Manufactured Home Dealers License.  
With these skills I have helped clients in all phases of real estate, from
residential sales, to commercial sales, to property management, to providing
loans/refinancing etc. (
referrals)  I hope to use these skills to provide you with
the ultimate comprehensive service.  To experience the difference, don't
hesitate to contact me.

Glen Mitchell  
Copyright 2008 All rights reserved.
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